Never forget when you last took a medicine, or when you last gave it to one of you littles! Great to write down what medicine you (they) are taking, dosage, and time it was taken. On the backside the one and only baby schedule tracker, perfect for writing down baby's daily eating, sleeping, and diaper habits !! Great for when grandparents or nanny is over looking after baby and keeping track of everything!

Medicine and Baby Schedule Log

SKU: 033
  • Specifications

    7" X 9"

    Laminated on both sides

    To be used with a dry-erase marker 

  • How to Clean

    This laminated sheet was designed to be used with a dry erase marker so that you can wipe of whatever you don't need anymore and reuse it! To clean, all you have to do is use a dry erase eraser or use a wet wipe / slightly wet paper towel and wipe everything off. Don't stick it under water becuase although it is water resistant it is not water proof. 




There is nothing better than being organized while looking chic. 

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