how this dream came to life...

My love for being organized and planning my day-to-day started all the way back in middle school. I remember getting those daily school planners and thinking to myself, “Oh my, we have to make this way more colorful.” In that moment, my passion for color, planning, and organizing was born. In high school my planner was an explosion of colors filled with every little detail you can imagine; from homework, to athletics, to social activities, nothing was forgotten.


When I went to College, the planning and organizing didn’t stop, it grew exponentially, I loved being able to have control over my assignments, projects, weekend activities and more, all in one specific place! Then, this passion just grew to the point where I knew I needed to make it more than what it was, I had my first child and was “that mom” that wrote everything down, from a feeding, to a diaper change, to how he was sleeping, etc.


Planning has been a part of my life in every single chapter, from school, to college, to being a mom, and I have just realized how important it has been in keeping me sane during all those years! Simplisimi was created from a passion of planning, bright eye-catching colors, and a few words of inspiration! 

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